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    LNEYA is mainly used in the temperature test simulation in semiconductor testing, has a wide temperature orientation and high temperature rise and fall, temperature range -85℃~ 250℃, suitable for various test requirements.
    In the manufacture of semiconductor electronic components used in harsh environments, IC package assembly and engineering and production test stages include electronic thermal tests and other environmental test simulations at temperature (-85℃ to +250℃).


    Main advantages:

    1. Temperature control accuracy: ± 0.5;
    2. Monitor the real temperature of the device to be tested in real time;
    3. For a single IC (module) in the PCB board, the high and low temperature impact can be performed separately without affecting the peripheral other devices;
    5. Temperature cycle / impact on IC on the test machine platform;
    6. Provide an accurate and fast ambient temperature for the entire integrated circuit board.