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LT -45℃~30℃
Cooling Capacity:1.2kW~12kW
Support OEM customization!


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    In the chemical industry, it is mainly used for the cooling of chemical reaction kettle (chemical heat exchanger) to timely take away the ordinary heat caused by chemical reaction, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling (cooling), so as to improve product quality.

    In the pharmaceutical industry, it is mainly used for the control of temperature and humidity in the consumption workshop and the removal of reaction heat in the process of consuming API.

    In the consumption process of electronic components, the components need to be maintained or cooled at a specific temperature, and the performance parameters of electronic components can be controlled in the design state.

    Widely used in low temperature reaction fields in chemical, pharmaceutical, biochemical and other industries;

    Supporting extraction, distillation, reaction kettle...used for filtration, crystallization...reaction.


    Medium Temperature Range-37℃~30℃-45℃~30℃
    Temp. Control and Dispaly ASET multifunctional controller, control outlet temperature of water tank
    Temp. Control OptionalTemperature feedback PT100 (inlet temperature, outlet temperature)
    Cooling Capacity-10℃1.5KW3.2KW4.5KW6.2KW8.3KW12KW


    Circulation Pump Flow Rate, Pressure  (max) 20L/min0.7BAR20L/min0.7BAR35L/min1BAR35L/min1BAR75L/min1BAR75L/min1BAR
    Capacity of Liquid Storage 15L20L25L30L50L80L
    CompressorTecumseh, Emerson Copeland, Danfoss
    EvaporatorPlate Heat Exchanger
    Operation Panel        7-inch color touch screen shows setting temperature and measuring temperature, temperature curve record,  data export excel-format
    Safety ProtectionSelf-diagnosis function; freezer overload protection; high pressure switch;overload relay, thermal protection device etc. security protection function.
    Connection SizeG1/2G3/4G3/4G3/4G1G1
    Product size(air-cooled)(cm)50*85*13055*68*14555*95*17555*95*17570*100*17580*120*185
    Weight (air-cooled)145KG185kg230kg275kg340kg380kg
    Power 50HZ        maxAC220V1.6kWAC380V2.5kWAC380V3.5kWAC380V4.8kWAC380V 6kWAC380V8kW
    Shell MaterialCold rolled steel painting
    OptionalPressure ≤6 bar circulating pump
    Optional MODBUS RTU Protocol, RS 485 Interface
    OptionalSUS304 Material
    Optional Power220V 60HZ three-phases,460V 60HZ three-phases
    RemarkCan make the bigger capacity of liquid storage as required.


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  • Features:

    Refrigeration temperature range from -150℃ to -5℃

    Adopt secondary subcooling, rapid liquid cooling

    It can be cooled to minus 120℃ in 3 minutes

    Single compressor automatic cascade refrigeration technology

    Ethylene glycol and water mixture

    Fully enclosed pipeline design to improve the life of thermal fluid

    Control screen temperature curve display, data can be exported

    Self-diagnosis function: overload, temperature, pressure, etc.

    Refrigerant is not unique

    Optional touch screen control system (according to communication distance)