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LJ -45℃~-10℃
Cooling Capacity:6kW~360kW
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    In the chemical industry, it is mainly used for the cooling of chemical reaction kettle (chemical heat exchanger) to timely take away the ordinary heat caused by chemical reaction, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling (cooling), so as to improve product quality.

    In the pharmaceutical industry, it is mainly used for the control of temperature and humidity in the consumption workshop and the removal of reaction heat in the process of consuming API.

    In the consumption process of electronic components, the components need to be maintained or cooled at a specific temperature, and the performance parameters of electronic components can be controlled in the design state.

    Widely used in low temperature reaction fields in chemical, pharmaceutical, biochemical and other industries;

    Supporting extraction, distillation, reaction kettle...used for filtration, crystallization...reaction.


    Temperature Range-45°C~ -10°C
    Cooling Capacity  At -20°C12kw20kw30kw40kw60kw80kw120kw180kw240kw360kw

    Cooling Capacity  At -40°C6kw10kw15kw20kw30kw40kw60kw90kw120kw180kw

    Circulation Pump Info6.6m³/h9m³/h15m³/h15m³/h25m³/h25m³/h25m³/h35m³/h35m³/h50m³/h

    2.5bar max2.5bar max2.5bar max2.5bar max2.5bar max2.5bar max2.5bar max2.5bar max2.5bar max2.5bar max
    Inlet&outlet connection sizeDN-25 PN-10DN-25 PN-10DN-32 PN-10DN-32 PN-10DN-40 PN-10DN-40 PN-10DN-40 PN-10DN-50 PN-10DN-50 PN-10DN-65 PN-10
    Cooling Water at 30 degree8m³/h10m³/h16m³/h20m³/h25m³/h30m³/h38m³/h55m³/h70m³/h100m³/h
    Cold Storage tank (optional)200L350L500L750L1000L1200L1500L2200L3000L4000L
    Expansion tank(standard)100L175L250L350L500L600L750L1000L1350L1800L
    CompressorEmerson Scroll compressor,Carlyle,DorinCarlyle/HANBELL、Fusheng、Bitzer screw compressor
    Operation Panel7-inch color touch screen display, temperature curve record
    Control SystemStandard: Single-chip micocomputer controller; Stepping control; Set temperature difference of refrigeration on & offOptional: SIEMENS S7-200PLC&Module
    Closed Circulation SystemThe whole system is a full closed circulation, there is no oil mist at high temperature and no water vapor at low temperature, pressure do not rise up when system is running. The system will supplement oil automatically at low temperature
    Circulation PumpLNEYA Mangetic Pump/German Brand Mangetic Pump
    EvaporatorDanfoss/KAORI plate heat exchanger
    CondenserCasing type water-cooled condenser / tube-type water-cooled condenser
    Intermediate heat exchangerDanfoss/KAORI plate heat exchanger
    Refrigeration accessoryOil separators, drying filters, expansion valves, refrigeration solenoid valves, pressure control, mirrors, etc. all use Emerson / Danfoss and other brands
    ElectricAC contactors, intermediate relays, circuit breakers, thermal relays, etc. are Schneider / ABB brand
    RefrigerantR404A/R23 mixture,optional: R125/R23 mixture
    Secondary refrigerantNo corrosive liquid, ethanol water, heat transfer oil etc.
    Safety ProtectionHigh pressure protect; water supply cut-off protection; over-current protection; leakage protection; sequential and phase failure protection; High temperature protection; Sensor Failure protection; Liquid low level protection etc. multi-safety protection
    Level IndicatorAdopt glass liquid level indication
    Piping materialExpansion tank, cold storage tank and circulation pipeline are all made of SUS304
    Case materialChannel steel + square tube + cold rolled plate        sealing plate spray 7035
    Dimension cm100*150*185100*150*185205*145*205205*145*205205*145*175245*145*205300*160*225350*160*205400*160*225500*200*225
    dBwithin 75dBwithin 80 dBwithin 90 dB
    Weight (kg)80095011001350150018002400310036005000
    OptionalOptional outside touch screen display controller (separated), the communication line distance is 10 meter
    OptionalOptional explosion-proof touch screen control system (ExdeIIBT4), the communication line distance is 15 meter


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  • Features:

    Refrigeration temperature range from -150℃ to -5℃

    Adopt secondary subcooling, rapid liquid cooling

    It can be cooled to minus 120℃ in 3 minutes

    Single compressor automatic cascade refrigeration technology

    Ethylene glycol and water mixture

    Fully enclosed pipeline design to improve the life of thermal fluid

    Control screen temperature curve display, data can be exported

    Self-diagnosis function: overload, temperature, pressure, etc.

    Refrigerant is not unique

    Optional touch screen control system (according to communication distance)