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KRY 0℃~+100℃
Heating Power:2.5kW~38kW
Support OEM customization!


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    Functional Advantages:

    Multi-channel temperature flow control, one device can achieve multi-channel output, each channel can control different flows without interference with each other.

    Fully closed pipe design, high efficiency plate heat exchanger, used for lifting temperature and constant temperature control in new energy battery and motor test, especially suitable for heat and heat release process control during test.



    Temp. Range0℃~+100℃
    Temp. control precision±0.5℃
    Temp. feedbackPt100
    Temp. display0.01k
    Flow rate output2~50 L/min
    Flow rate accuracy±0.2 L/min
    Pressure displayAdopt the Jeffron pressure sensor, the touch screen display the pressure, can carry on the pressure control adjustment.
    Heating power2.5kW-60kW

    cooling capacity100℃2.5kW-60kW


    compressionHITACHIEmerson Valley Wheel Compressor
    expansionDanfoss  Thermal Expansion Valve/ Emerson Solenoid
    oil distributorEmerson
    Dry filter, PressureEmerson/Danfoss
    Evaporatorplate heat exchanger
    input, Display7 inch color touch screen Siemens S7-1200 PLC
    program edit10 programs can be prepared, each program can be prepared 20 steps
    CommunicationCAN communications bus
    Safety protectionWith self-diagnosis function; Refrigerator overload protection; High pressure switch, overload relay, thermal protection
    device, low liquid level protection, high temperature protection, sensor fault protection and other safety functions
    is it a fully closed systemThe whole system is a fully closed system, there will be no oil mist at high temperature, and the water in the air will not be absorbed at low temperature. The system will not increase the pressure due to high temperature in operation, and the thermal conduction medium will be automatically supplemented at low temperature.
    refrigerantR404A/ R507C  export adopt R448A
    Flow sensorGerman brand flowmeter
    Connection sizeG3/4
    Cooling water at 20C°

    Condenser(W)Tube type heat exchanger (Paris/Shenshi)
    Condenser(A)Copper tube aluminum finned heat exchanger (upward wind)
    Power 380V50HZ4.5kW220V8.5kW11.5kW16kW18kW28kW40kW61kW
    Optional220V 60HZ three phase    460V 60HZ three phase
    OptionalHigher precision control of temperature, flow and pressure
    OptionalAutomatic antifreeze filling system
    OptionalAutomatic liquid recovery system

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