Precautions During Shutdown of Air-Cooled Chiller

The air-cooled chiller is mainly suitable for plastic. It can accurately control the temperature of plastic forming die to shorten the forming cycle and accelerate the product setting. This series uses the principle of cold and heat exchange for cooling, which can reduce the temperature quickly and stabilize the temperature control. And not affected by environmental factors, it is an indispensable configuration equipment in modern industry.


Air cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers are used for outdoor installation and operation. The air-cooled chiller is directly driven by the air mechanically, and the condensing coil of the machine directly expels the heat.

Precautions during shutdown of air-cooled chiller:

1. If the air-cooled chiller is stopped normally (not for a long time), the 220V power supply shall not be cut off, and the oil heater in the crankcase shall always be powered on and heated during the shutdown of the air-cooled chiller.

2. The breaker cannot be closed easily after tripping, let alone directly start the motor. The motor and wiring of the air-cooled chiller must be carefully checked, and the reason for tripping and correct treatment can be found out before closing the switch.

3. If the exhaust ultra-high pressure and low water temperature of the air-cooled chiller are eliminated, it is necessary to press the manual reset button on the protection button, and then press the stop button before restarting.

4. It will reset automatically after the faults of ultra-low suction pressure, high exhaust temperature and small flow are eliminated. When the air-cooled water cooler is reset automatically, press the stop button to restart.

Of course, it is important that enterprises must regularly clean, maintain and maintain industrial chillers. Because no matter what kind of equipment, each component is bound to cause a certain degree of wear to the machine due to long-term coupling operation or friction, which will naturally lead to failure.

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