Take the prestige as their soul. Based on the aim "Provide the best quality, Service customers wholeheartedly", we make the following guarantee seriously:

Wuxi Guanya Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. (LNEYA) specialized in the Industrial Chiller, Industrial Refrigerator, Multi-reactor Chiller (TCU), Battery Motor/Semiconductor Temperature Testing System and Ultra-low Temperature Chiller. Used in pharmaceutical, aerospace, semiconductor, new energy automotive battery / motor and other industries. The temperature control range of the product is wide, and the -152°C~350°C can be perfectly realized.

For Pilot Plant

Supporting pharmaceutical factory reactor, mixer use, responsible for dynamic temperature control, temperature control range -120℃~350℃ 

For Microchannel Reactor

Supporting Corning microchannel reactor for cooling heating dynamic temperature control, temperature control range - 45℃ ~ 200℃


New Energy Vehicles

          With Test Chamber

Supporting new energy auto parts test, temperature control, control flow, control pressure, temperature control range - 40℃~100℃

For Chemical Industrial

Water-cooled/Air-cooled Chillers are suitable for chemical industry, extraction, evaporation, purification, temperature control range: -152℃~ -5℃


To ensure that the goods sold in order to meet the contract, the product performance and technical indicators are in line with contract requirements.


After the product arrives, you need to install debugging on site, and our company or our company's agent is responsible for the installation and debugging of the instrument.


From the date of acceptance of the product, it provides a full free warranty for one year. All maintenance costs and all the cost of the parts are all in the warranty period.


Our company's after-sales service engineer training customers until the customer skilled, provides remote guidance and on-site guidance during use.