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  1. Integrated Temperature Control systems for 3-20 reactors
  2. Integrated Temperature Control systems for 3-20 reactors

Integrated Temperature Control systems for 3-20 reactors

  • DescriptionOne system can control up to 3~20 sets different sizes of reactors and each reactors can be controlled at different temperature.
  • InformationIntegrated Temperature Control systems for 3-20 reactors
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One system can control up to 3~20 sets different sizes of reactors and each reactors can be controlled at different temperature.

  1. Parameter
  2. Advantage
  3. Application







Medium temp.range

-25℃~200℃(can be -50℃~250℃ according to demand)

Control mode

Feedforward PID + Our special dynamic control calculation,process temp.control

Controller system

LNEYA dynamic  control system

Communication protocol

MODBUS RTU protocol,RS485 interface

Temp.control slect

Material/process temp.control

Temperature feedback

Heating-conducting medium:Pt100                                                                     Raw Material process:PT100                                                                         Optional:reactor process temp.4 points measurement, in this case, the machine can work as long as one material temp.sensor is normal.If a sensor has fault,alarm will appear, but machine won't stop.


Process temp.accuracy ±1℃(Normally ±2℃)

Cooling exchanger






Circulation pump

Max110L/min 2.5Bar

Max150L/min 2.5Bar

Max250L/min 2.5Bar

Max400L/min 2.5Bar

Max600L/min 2.5Bar


7-inch color touch screen,temperature graph display

Safety protection

Self-diagnosis function;freezer overload protection;high pressure switch;overload relay;thermal protection device;liquid low level protection;high temp. Protection and temp. fault protection.

Pipe case


Connection size












EX dimension(mm)







AC380V 50Hz 2kw(max)

AC380V 50Hz 3kw(max)

AC380V 50Hz 4.5kw(max)

AC380V 50Hz 7kw(max)

AC380V 50Hz 9kw(max)



Working temperature rang from -100 °C to +300 °C.

Centralized control of 2~20 reactors, each reactor's material temperature and jacket temperature can bset independently. One system control multiple reactors of target temperature is realized.

Maximum process stability and reproducibility.

Under the system control, energy-saving efficiency is improved.The freezing medium and heating medium flowing through the conduction angle of the reactors are controlled accurately.

Previously unachievable performance.

High-accuracy and intelligent temperature control.

Adopt Plate heat exchanger & Piping heater to improve the heating and cooling rates.

High Cooling Power to 200KW ( Using freezer to realize larger cooling and heating capacity)

Factory's existing refrigeration system and heating system can be used together with this system in order to reduce the input cost.

Large temperature range without fluid change.

Increased thermal fluid life.

10 inch TFT touchscreen with graphic display.  Comprehensive warning and safety functions.

Rapid cooling down from high temperature (from 300 ℃).

Using Magnetic drive pump with no leakage of the shaft seal.

With USB interfaces, RS485 interfaces, industrial control configuration software.  It can be produced explosion-proof function according to customer's requirement.

Quantities of reactors

The volume of each reactor, jacket volume of each reactor, reactor jacket inlet and outlet sizes.

Specific heat capacity of the main materials.

Height of reactor from ground level.

Temperature controlling range for the reactor material.

Whether the reaction exothermic or endothermic during the process control. What is the approximate exothermic, endothermic capacity?

Any request about the speed of ups and downs in the temperature of material.

The refrigeration control unit which is at the side of the reactor whether need the function of explosion protection or not?

If the dynamic temperature control system need the function of explosion or not?

If there exists steam, boiler heat, cooling water, frozen source in the operation area (power, temperature, flow, pressure, pipe diameter)?

Installation conditions: based on environment temperature and water quality conditions, there are air cooling and water cooling type for choice.

Distance between the system and the reactor and how many quarter turns of the pipeline?

If need to provide the system engineering: include the service of installation and running test of the system,reactor,pipeline?

Besides temperature, If controlling of PH value, mixing speed is required?

Whether need configuration software or not?

  1. The heating power selection and coolant control unit selection

  2. Heating system host selects 250kw regenerative tube selects 1500L

  3. Selection of coolant temperature control system

  4. 250L 500L reactor select ZLF-25 2 group coolant temperature control system

  5. 1000L reactor select ZLF-40 coolant temperature control system

  6. 200L reactor select ZLF-80 coolant temperature control system

  7. 300L reactor select ZLF-120 coolant temperature control system

  8. 500L reactor select ZLF-200 coolant temperature control system

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