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2015 Corning Reactor and its Ancillary Equipment Technology Exchange Meeting

      2015 Corning Reactor and its Ancillary Equipment Technology Exchange Meeting 

       During March 26th~27th of 2015, our company, the main ancillary equipment supplier of Corning Advanced-FlowTM glass reactors, was invited to attend " 2015 corning reactor technology exchange meeting" by Corning 

company,a fortune 500 businesses in the United States. The meeting was held in famous Shangri-la hotel in Changzhou.

       The general manager of Wuxi guanya refrigeration technology company shared select reactors according to heat

transfer and heat exchange, refrigeration and heating temperature control system and its advantages, the different 

temperature control effect between dynamic temperature control system applied to Corning Advanced-FlowTM glass reactor and other normal reactors and display the video of dynamic temperature control effect.

       The meeting was a big success!

                                                                                Wuxi guanya refrigeration technology co., ltd.

                                                                                                     March. 28th . 2015


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