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Wuxi Guanya Refrigertion Technoloy  Co., Ltd


Looking for oversea distributor and agent!

We have been manufacturing refrigerated / heating circulator since 2007 and looking for agents and distributor around the world to promote our product.

Many large companies are using it including: Corning, ATR-ASAHI etc.

(1) According to the situation in different regions we authorize the Exclusive agent to agent of our products ;

(2) We will direct transfer the agency's regional customer information to you, even if customers come to my company to find products;

(3) I will be fully committed to the promotion of brand and products , technical support and after-sales service (we have the perfect sales and service teams);

(4) We will give agents adequate profit margins;

(5) We will give more favorable terms to agents that in good cooperation ;

(6)The market price is nontransparent and flexible, agents get products in the best price ;

  If you’re interested in our products and being our agent in your country,we will send a sale contract and agent contract to you.

   Join us.

 Looking for oversea distributor and agent!

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