Wuxi Guanya Refrigertion Technoloy  Co., Ltd

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Wuxi Guanya Refrigertion Technoloy  Co., Ltd is located in picturesque bank of Taihu Lake with convenient transportation. We are a scientific entity engaged in development, production and trade of experimental instrument and equipment, ultra low temperature equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, equipment modular controller. We possess a research and development team composed of a few high quality professional designers who have rich experience in ultra low temperature, low/high temperature development. 
The company is an industry leader in research and development of quick cooling technology of -86℃, -120℃ ultra low temperature and is an international leader in research of quick temp  increase/decrease of low/high temperature. 

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  1. Dynamic Temperature Control systems
  2. SUNDI-320/420W/430W Parameter
  3. SUNDI -10℃ ~ 200℃ for Laboratory
  4. SUNDI -25℃ ~ 200℃ for Laboratory
  5. SUNDI -60℃ ~ 250℃ for Laboratory
  6. SUNDI -70℃ ~ 250℃ Parameter
  7. SUNDI -80℃ ~ 250℃ for Industrial production
  8. Heating temperature control system(with water-cooling auxiliary)